My Story

Born and raised in South Texas,  my name is Matthew A. Butter. My story is filled with a history of music, writing and speaking.

My father is a preacher, my mother a worship leader. My grandmother and grandfather are published authors. My sister is a published author. My aunts and uncles performed in clubs, theaters and venues all over the south. These are the fabrics of my artistic journey, a history that has shaped me into the person I am today.

Singer: I sing songs about life, some sad, same hopeful, some joyous…all real. I play both covers and originals in a variety of genres but mainly Country, Gospel, Americana. In 2011, my first album was released, entitled Life is Grand produced by David Beck of the Bands Sons of Fathers and Blue Healer

Songwriter: I write songs about life, some sad, some hopeful, some joyous…all real. I have written over 200 songs and demo new tracks on my SoundCloud link below: